Oval Miller, Sr.
Founder & CEO

We proudly dedicated this center in the name of Charlotte Merritts Ottley, who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to our program since its inception. Her professional achievements are noteworthy, as well as her passion to serve others.

We are proud of helping women transition into fulfilling lives that are substance free.

How You Can Help

For the upcoming Grand Opening:

  • Help us financially by asking 10 of your friends to join you in donating $100 for a total of $1,000 to be presented as a group on May 28 as Charter Friends of the CMO Women. You can blow up a mock check for photo purposes.
  • Help these ladies to dress for success affordably by donating clothes in good condition, shoes, purses, hats, coats, and gift certificates to purchase under garments to the  CMO TWC Boutique. (Click on photos below.)
  • Help fill the CMO TWC Nursery and Day Care Center by donating items for children of all ages, such as toys, educational games, etc. (Click on photos below.)
  • Help us to connect with the community by asking the organizations, corporations, and churches that you are connected with to support us also.  All donations are 100% tax exempt.

If you would like for your contributions to be listed in the printed program for the May 28th event, please call and confirm your contributions by May 15.  Your gift will  be a part of any media releases and you will also be invited to participate in the Pledge Party on May 28th.

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